Um mig

We are a family of five and live in a little village, in the north of Iceland, called Skagaströnd. We came here for a job and have stayed a bit longer than we expected (since the spring of 2015). Our kids have become proud villagers and one of them is born here, he was born in 2016 but his older sisters were born 2008 and 2010.

I did not take the traditional route in my education, I made some shorter stops here and there on the job market and had a good time drumming and playing basketball in my early twenties, those skills have proved important later on socially. Today I coach junior basketball, play the drums at various occations and teach drumming in music school.

  • Marine biologist at BioPol and I am also employed by the regional Nature center (in icelandic: Náttúrustofu Norðurlands vestra) (2015-present).
  • I have a BSc and MSc in biology from the University of Iceland.
  • Assistant teacher in invertebrate zoology at the University of Iceland (spring 2014).
  • Summer jobs: Ice-cream truck driver, sement worker, after-school instructor….

Starfsmaður hjá BioPol á Skagaströnd og hjá Náttúrustofu Norðurlands vestra. Er með BSc og MSc í líffræði frá Háskóla Íslands.